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Alright! I wanted to wait a day before I said anything! As you can see from the title, everything's back up and running for the most part! And I'm thrilled to report that I was able to save everything!

Thank goodness... what would I have done without Babamus 2!?


For real though, I'm immensely happy that my lists, my projects, and my color palette were all intact and safe! Turns out SSDs are super stable when it comes to retaining data! Apparently, to the point that one can be physically broken but still retain data! No idea how that works. Magic seems like a safe assumption. But this does lead into the most frustrating point of my journey. Let me share that with you quickly.

When I discovered that everything was intact, the obvious move was to extract it before some other random thing went wrong, which didn't take long because the second I tried to extract it, I was informed that my personal files were "Write Protected". Now I know that I have some programs that I've purchased on there but to lock me out of the whole thing is a bit absurd. I spent hours trying to get into it getting so mad that I gave myself a headache! Once again, salvation would come in the form of a YouTube video where some guy simply said, "Oh yeah, just download this," and sure enough, it worked! Wasn't even a hassle! I guess the only thing that baffles me is why? Why use the Write Protection at all if it can be so easily circumvented by a program you can download for free? Either way, I got my stuff, and that's all that matters!

When given the option to clone the contents and settings of the old SSD, I opted against it, choosing instead to only take what I needed. The majority of the files on there are just a bunch of junk that I never really bothered to look at. So I decided it'd be better to have a fresh start and all that. And if there's anything I need, I can just plug it in and yank out whatever. 

So given the circumstances, I think I can easily say that the best case scenario has occurred!

How pleasant~! 

That said, there's just one thing to attend to before moving forward.


My Color Palette

I don't ever want to stress out about this again, so it's going here and a few other places!


Now then. Let's try this again... 

---The List---

- Further Improve My Artistic Skills & Abilities

- Increase My Overall Art Output

- Get To Work On Art That I Owe People

- Fix Up Some Of My Creations

- Learn How To Create Music

- Be More Social

- Resume Work On My Project

- Maybe Make More Fannattassulit

- Take My Vitamins

- Remember That Thing

- Free Space 

Hoping it will be a while until the next thing goes wrong! 

To anyone who bothered to read this, I hope that you're having as pleasant day as I am!



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