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Wow, how long is it been since I've seen anyone reference that clip!?

I have to say I like how you took something clumsy and awkward and made it needlessly sinister with those angles.

hikarek responds:

Thanks! I saw this clip years ago, and it was sooo bad so it became soo good...

I find it crazy that they barely have a three-year lifespan. Life just ain't fair...

A modern-day masterpiece...

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Oh man, this brings me back!

It was pretty nice. Killed everyone.

I like how quickly this turns into a shitpost. I love it!

Inspirational ellipses

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Breathe the fresh air? Listen to the birds sing?

Dude, I live out in the middle of rural nowhere. That's literally almost every day for me! And seeing how my kitchen and bathroom are in a separate structure, I get fresh air everyday! Even during the winter. Have you ever embraced the single digits (Fahrenheit) in nothing but a pair of pants? I have. That's why my neighbors never talk to me. They're afraid of the raw power I hold...! I hope you, too, grow as powerful as I have become one day.

As far as birds singing goes, they're alright, I guess. A robin builds a nest in the side of my home every year. So between the hatchlings, the squirrels in the wall, and the crickets at night, it's hard to get any peace! But maybe that's a good thing.

I hope you've enjoyed your morning, good sir, and thank you for the music!

BeatumPopcorn responds:

That sounds very nice honestly! I don't think I'll ever reach such mighty levels of endurance though. Your neighbors might have a point.. We fear what we cannot comprehend...

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I just heard the news! Congratulations!

Yeah, I get heartburn like that sometimes too.

*canned laughter*

"Had to create a self portrait without using a photo of myself for an art project."

So abstract art then?

LilnuBy responds:

yeah lol

A person just like you. In every way, even.


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