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Are we slug or are we dancer?

Morning? As in the time of day or the process of grieving?

Now listen... I know that the word is "Mourning" not "Morning" (Google told me). But it's the only way that the joke works.

Please. I need this...

PephyBoi responds:

As in "Time of Day" my dude :)

It's one thing to be cynical, but it's another thing to be insincere. I think that's where YIIK falls apart for me. See, if YIIK simply was a bad game but had heart, I think people would be able to appreciate it. But it just simply doesn't.

If I recall correctly, Alex is supposed to represent the average gamer, and the game wants you, the player, to admit that. The game wants you to say, "Why yes, I AM an asshole. Thank you for pointing this out to me!" Which, in my opinion, just makes me think the creator's an asshole who can't open himself up to the notion that some people aren't. And I think that the game's failure might have reinforced such a mindset, but I wouldn't really know. I'm just making a blind assumption about someone I've never met and would probably never want to meet.

I know she can't be upgraded further, but if she could, would she give you subpar potato salad?

Dude, come on. You knew someone had to ask. And I had to make sure that someone was me. >:[

Please name her Yuurmom of Uddrince

Why he so blue?

PephyBoi responds:

Cuz 2022 is Blueberry flavored..

I have to say, you conveyed the fact that this was a dolphin very well. The second I saw this thing, I thought, "That's a Dolphin" to myself even before reading the title or description.

Also, are the Barnacles mutated as well, or are they just regular old Barnacles?

ScribbltyHibblty responds:

Just regular barnacles on a regular dolphin.

Move Faster Pokey...


Finally! Edible toys! At least I think so...? Uh oh...

Error²? How many Errors is that? Or is this a sequel kind of thing? Because if so, it's about time! I was getting tired of going over the same faults again and again... It's about time we had some new faults to pick at!

Also, just from a glance, I would think his name would start with the letter "I," I couldn't tell you why. Well, whatever his name ends up being, just know I think he looks neat.

BeatumPopcorn responds:

Your reviews are a blessing to this site haha, it is a sort of sequel in the sense that this is the second drawing I've ever posted of this character, and since I still don't have a name for him I thought i'd be extra lazy :p thanks, I'll keep the "I" in mind!

A person just like you. In every way, even.


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