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I wish to ramble forth once more! With passion...

Posted by MalFromed - April 30th, 2021

I have sat around procrastinating for long enough. I've seen a lot of things from all of you, and I've got things to say.

This is a courtesy call. There's a great rambling on the horizon. None shall be spared. I'm the storm, and you're all the paper cups left behind by careless beachgoers, thus by extension making you (yes, you, the reader) careless and unsuspecting of the typhoon of text that is coming your way. Let no one say they were not warned. 

Rambling is an art form, and my cup, it spilleth over.


Anyway, my luck has been absolutely atrocious as of late. The second I decide to start doing stuff, everything just seems to fall apart.

In no particular order:

I had a death scare. (Shook me up for a day or two, but I got over it)

Been dealing with a lot of existential dread.

Was guilted into spending a good chunk of money on home repairs that did not concern me, nor should I have to had pay for them.

Got into a heated argument with my idiot younger brother (who I look after) over said repairs.

Learned that my neighbor has become a covid denier and, by extension, an anti-vaxxer.

I also found out that he's trying to sell my folks (who tend to be very gullible) on the idea of not getting vaccinated. 

So yeah, things have been just super!


But, hey, it ain't all bad. If there's one good thing that's happened as of late, it's that my art has finally started to look the way I want it to. Which means I'm getting closer to where I want to be. Here's a little taste. 


I feel like this is a good starting point.

All I gotta do now is to refine it and see how far I can take it.

Hopefully, I'll stop being a punk and actually post stuff.

I also think I'm ready to start studying other people's art styles to help me look at things from different perspectives. 

Better watch out! I might just be studying a-YOU.

As for the things I keep meaning to finish and send to people (my god, when will I learn), it's become overwhelmingly clear that my artistic abilities have improved since I started drawing them up and am no longer satisfied with them. So rather than sending them something I am no longer satisfied with, I've decided to redraw anything that I feel doesn't live up to my current standards. That and I'm a glutton for punishment, it would seem. 

At this point, I doubt anybody even remembers that I promised them anything. It's not like there were any concrete obligations, seeing these aren't paid commissions, just something I wanted to do. But still, I should do it, 'cause after all, we're all just words, and if our words don't ring true, then that would mean we are lies, which are pulled from the air, meaning, of course, that lies have no weight to them. And when something does not have weight, it means it is not anchored in reality, thus is fated to simply fade back into the air from once it was pulled. All this to say, I said I'd do it, so I'm gonna do it.


Anyway, these various updates on what I've been doing are probably boring to read. So tell you what, I've got a lot of ideas and concepts rolling around in my skull. Perhaps if I'm in the mood, I'll share one or two with you, just for fun. But you better not steal em'! Or I'mma put you in the basement!




Also, there's like 20 of you now!? I better get to work...


No more dropping off the face of the Earth.



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